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First Name: Kiawak

Last Name: Ashoona

Community: Kingnait

Sex: M

Disc Number: E71103

Date born: 09/16/1933


When I carve it is hard for me to think what the carving is going to be. I will (then) start from the head. I try to put down a lot of details in the carvings that I do. Sometimes I carve from my imagination and sometimes I carve what I have seen in the past.1

Born at the Tariugajak camp on Baffin Island on September 16, 1933. Kiawak Ashoona comes from a family of artists. His mother was Pitseolak Ashoona RCA (1904-1983) a graphic artist whose talent is still held in high esteem and whose daughter, Napatchie Pootoogook (d. 2003), contributed regularly to the Cape Dorset print collection.2 Kiawak's brothers, Koomwartok (1930-1984) and Qaqaq (1928-1996) were noted sculptors.3 Kiawak and his wife, Sorosilutu, have six children, two of whom are adopted.4

Kiawak's father, Ashoona, was one of the founders of Cape Dorset as an Inuit settlement.5 In his own way Kiawak was also a founder as he was one of the first in his community to carve.6 After living in Cape Dorset for a long time Kiawak returned to a traditional Inuit lifestyle on the land.7

It is been observed that Kiawak is "a very private man" who appreciates "seclusion" in order to work in his "relaxed and unhurried" manner.8 He has commented that he likes to look at a stone, assess its capabilities, walk away from it, and then look at it again.9 This gives the artist a "real feeling for the work first" before he begins - without which he won't begin carving.10

Kiawak has commented that he can "carve many things because I think about them first."11 He has also remarked "what I enjoy most is to finish my work with fine detail."12

Kiawak is described as a "devout Christian" whose work depicts the themes of traditional Inuit mythology and legends since the 1960s due to their popularity with southern buyers, according to one source.13 It has been observed that his work is a "link to older cultural values and oral traditions" and that his themes focus on: shamans, "Inuit mythology," story telling, hunting and other "traditional activities," as well as mother and child pairings.14,15,16,17

Kiawak began sculpting before his mother started drawing, it has been noted that his first carving was made from a walrus tusk and was sold for supplies for his family.18,19 Kiawak's father had died when he was quite young and his family was forced to work hard to survive by trapping foxes and carving.20

Over his career, according to Norton and Reading (2005), Kiawak became a sculptor who is both "artistically and politically" important.21 He has also been described as an artist who may be "the finest figurative carver of his generation," as well as a role model for Inuit youth.22,23

Kiawak was known as a "reserved and quiet" man who took great pride in his mother's accomplishments while being circumspect about his own.24 His love of sculpting is undiminished despite beginning sculpting at age nine25:

I would never give up what I am doing, even for a good job because for centuries there have been Inuit sculptors, ...and it's very important to carry on.26

Kiawak's accomplishments include:
- Exhibiting his art work world wide since the 1950s in exhibitions and museums and has been featured in books and documentaries
- The late and former United States President Ronald Reagan and former Chancellor of West Germany, Helmut Schmidt, own examples of his work
- 1970-1 'Tournaaq and Young' cover image for "Sculpture/Inuit. Sculpture of the Inuit: Masterworks of the Canadian Arctic"
- 1980 image of the goddess Sedna the subject of a Canadian stamp
- 1997 National Aboriginal Achievement Award Recipient
- 2000 made of Officer of the Order of Canada
- 2000 Molson Prize in the Arts
- 2003 Royal Canadian Academy

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Alternative Names:
• Ashoona Ashoona
• Kiawak Ashoona
• Kiugak Ashoona
• Kiowak Ashoona
• Keeower Ashoona
• Kioga Ashoona
• Kiogak
• Keogak
• Keeower
• Kiugak
• Kiugok
• Kiawak Ashoona RCA

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