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First Name: Hattie

Last Name: Atutuvaa

Community: Qamani' tuaq

Sex: F

Disc Number: E2286

Date born: 00/00/1935

Alternative Names:
• Atutuvaa Atutuvaa
• Hattie Atutuvaa
• Attutuvaa Atutuvaa
• Atungak Atutuvaa

AuthorTitleSub TitleDateLocationAnnotate
Cutler, MauriceMARKETING ESKIMO ARTDemand is Greater than SupplyF-Marketing
Pool, BeekmanCONTEMPORARY CANADIAN ESKIMO ART.F-ART-INUIT-CONTEMPORARYHistoric survey of contemporary Inuit art from the 1950s and on. Discusses the first printmaking projects and traditional and emerging styles in sculpture.
Canadian Arctic ProducersTUNA IQULIQRecent Sculpture1979NB247 B32 I68 C26Exhibition brochure. Brief biography. 14 p. 13 b&w ill.
Bertrand, Jean-Marie3 INUIT REPRESENTERONT LE QUEBEC EN ITALIEConcours International de SculptureF-BIO-POV-AMITUK, SYOLLIEArticle about the international sculpture contest in Italy that was attended by Inuit artists Syollie Amituk, Henry Napartuk and David Tukatuk.
Campbell, DonaldDRAMATIC SELF-PORTRAIT INTERPRETS RECURRING DREAMArtist confesses experiences of shamanism in work designed to interpret native religious themesF-BIO-BL-TOOKOOME, SIMONReview of the exhibition "Magic and Shamanism" held at Main/Access Gallery in Winnipeg, 1988, featuring works by Simon Tookoome, William Noah, Therese Natsiq Tulugatjuk and Nelson Takkiruq.
Walrus ImportsCATALOGUE OF INUIT ART.1974NB247 I57 W34 1974Catalogue of an exhibition of works collected by Greg Quevillon, contemporary, Historic Period and artifacts of the Thule Culture bought from an American Museum. Catalogue includes the retelling of three legends. Photograph of Towatuga Sagguk. 32
Winnipeg Art GalleryTHE MULDERS' COLLECTION OF ESKIMO SCULPTURE.1976NB247 I57 M84 W55Exhibition catalogue: 149 sculptures. Introduction by Jean Blodgett. 28 p. 43 b&w ill.
National Gallery of CanadaCAPE DORSETA Decade of Eskimo Prints and Recent Sculpture = Dix ans d'estampes esquimaudes et sculptures recentes1967N6504 C36 N37Exhibition catalogue of 81 sculptures and prints. Essay by James Houston. Text in English and French. 52 p. 35 b&w ill.
Winnipeg Art GalleryESKIMO SCULPTURE: Selections from the Twomey Collection.1972NB247 I57 T96 W55Exhibition catalogue: 41 sculptures (incl. a few artifacts, several from Greenland and Alaska). Essay by Jacqueline Fry. 6 p. 8 b&w ill.
National Gallery of CanadaESKIMO ART1951NB247 I57 N37Exhibition catalogue: 69 sculptures and artifacts. Introductory essay. 8 p. 5 b&w ill.
Upstairs GallerySCULPTURES AND PRINTS BY LYPA PITSIULAK OF PANGNIRTUNG1979F-PANG-PITSIULAK, LIPACatalogue of the exhibition, April 21 to May 5, 1979 at the Upstairs Gallery. 4 p. 9 b&w ill.
Solier, Rene dePOVUNGNITUK.F-Povungnituk-SculptureTranslation by Yvonne Kirkyson pp.95-96.
French, OrlandBLUE CHIP ARTInuit Art Still 15 Per Cent Investment: 'there doesn't seem to be an end to it'F-BIO-CD-SHAA, AQJANGAJUKArticle discusses Inuit art from a marketing and investment point of view. Sub-article brings up the concept of paying royalties to the Inuit artists to compensate for resale mark-ups in the price of their works.
National Gallery AssociationEXHIBITION AND BALLOT SALE OF CANADIAN SCULPTURE.1963NB247 N36Catalogue of exhibition and sale held 25 October, 1963, by the National Gallery Association. [24] p.
Taylor, William E., Jr.PREHISTORIC DORSET ART.[By] William E. Taylor, Jr. and George Swinton1967Periodicals82 ill., map
Eber, Dorothy HarleyPITSEOLAK: PICTURES OUT OF MY LIFEEdited from tape-recorded interviews by Dorothy EberNC114 C36 A83 EEdited from tape-recorded interviews with the artist; illustrated with drawings and prints by Pitseolak. Text in English and Inuktitut. Interpretation by Annie Manning, translation by Ann Hanson. Also published in French. [96] p. : b&w, col. ill.
Winnipeg Art GalleryREPULSE BAY1978NB247 R46 W55 1978Exhibition catalogue: 105 sculptures. Essays by Eleanor Bond, James Houston, Madeleine Isserkut, George Swinton and Jean Blodgett. Selected bibliography. 120 p. b&w ill.
Canadian Arctic ProducersJAMASIE MIKERecent Sculpture1981NB247 P36 M54 C26Exhibition brochure of recent sculpture of Jamasie Mike. 1 page biography. 14 p. 12 b&w ill.
Nagy, Hendrika G.POTTERY IN KEEWATIN1967PeriodicalsAn account of the ceramics project in Rankin Inle by an art teacher who wrote a thesis on Inuit pottery. 15 b&w illustrations including works by Kuksut, Tiktak, Kappi, Panieqorniak, Anaruak, Hakaluk and Anguitua. Portraits of Tegumiak, Kuksut and
Innuit Gallery of Eskimo ArtBAKER LAKE SCULPTURE1974NB247 B32 I55 1974Exhibition brochure with short note by Paul Toolooktook. 12 p. 10 b&w ill.
PAPER STAYS PUTA collection of Inuit Writings. / Edited by Robin Gedalof1980PS 8235 I65 P36Illustrated with drawings by Alootook Ipellie.
Lowndes, JoanLET'S BEAT A DRUM FOR OUR EXHIBITVancouver Art Gallery Mounts a Superb Show of Eskimo Art-SCULPTURE OF THE INUIT-for display from Moscow to Philadelphia with Canadian cities left outF-BIO-ARV-IRKOK, JACOBReview of the exhibition SCULPTURE OF THE INUIT: MASTERWORKS OF THE CANADIAN ARCTIC organized by Doris Shadbolt of the Vancouver Art Gallery.
LABRADOR HANDICRAFTS LTD. HOLDS THIRD ANNUAL CRAFTS COMPETITION1992F-LABRADOR-CRAFTSIllustration of prizewinning grasswork cabin made by Garmel Rich. Photograph of Garmel Rich.
Canadian Arctic ProducersDAVIE ATCHEALAKSculpture1980NB247 C36 A81 C26Exhibition brochure. Brief biography. 14 p. 13 bw ill.
Watt, VirginiaIN RETROSPECT (SPRING 1987)PERIODICALSPresentation of press clippings from the 1950s and '60s with the intention of dispelling the myth that these were the halcyon days of Inuit art.
PORTRAIT OF A CANADIAN SCULPTORF-BIO-CD-SHAA, AQJANGAJUKAn interview with Cape Dorset sculptor Aqjangajuk Shaa on his visit to Toronto for a one-man exhibition of his works at the opening of the Innuit Gallery.
Arbuckle, J. E.ART INVESTMENTSome important tax considerationsPERIODICALSBrief analysis of tax laws relating to art.
McRae, EarlTHE SOAPSTONE OPENSeven years of winners - and how they did itF-BIO-POV-NIAQU IRQU, AArticle describing the Canadian Open golf tournament, its winners from 1971-77, and their Inuit-carved trophies.
Canada. Indian and Northern Affairs CanadaULAYU.1981NE542 C36 P56 1981Exhibition brochure with substantial text on works of Ulayu Pingwartok. 2 p. folded. 8 b&w ill., artist photo.
Crawford, LenoreEYE-POPPING PRINTS 'COUP' FOR LONDONF-BIO-CD-PUDLAT, PUDLOReview of the exhibition of 1972 edition prints from Cape Dorset held at the London Public Art Museum.
Robertson GalleriesCARVINGS AND PRINTS BY THE FAMILY OF PITSEOLAK.1967N6504 C36 A83 R62Brochure of exhibition featuring Pitseolak Ashoona and her children, Napachee, Kumwartok, Kiawak, Kaka and Ottochie. Foreward by John K.B. Robertson. 10 p. 6 ill.
Canadian Arctic ProducersGJOA HAVENRecent Sculpture1980NB247 G56 C26 1980Exhibition brochure on sculpture of Gjoa Haven. List of artists; 1 page text. 14 p. 12 b&w ill.
Carleton UniversityUNPUBLISHED RESEARCH PAPERS ON INUIT ARTWritten by students in Art History 11.507-Aspects of Inuit Art, Winter Term 1992.1992N6504 I56 C37Unedited student papers collected by Professor Marion Jackson. Publication printed independently with financial support from the Inuit Art Section. Biographical notes on contributors. 166 p. : b&w ill.
Hessel, IngoTHE DRAWINGS OF PARRA Closer LookPERIODICALSA review article inspired by the PARR DRAWINGS exhibit (June 15 to July 30) at Galerie aux multiples collections, Quebec City. col. ill.
Watt, VirginiaIN RETROSPECT (FALL 1988)PERIODICALSAn insider's glimpse of the early development of Inuit commercial art production and marketing.
Nungak, ZebedeeESKIMO STORIES FROM POVUNGNITUK, QUEBEC = UNIKKATUATUAT SANAUGARNGNIK ATYINGUALIIT PUVIRNGNITURNGMITIllustrated in Soapstone Carvings. / By Zebedee Nungak and Eugene ArimaH64 C3 1969Stories from the sculptors of Povungnituk, illustrated by their work. Text in English and Inuktitut (Roman orthography). Published in French under title: LEGENDES INUIT DE POVUNGNITUK, 1975. 140 p. b&w ill.
Enright, RobertWINNIPEG SUPERB SPOT FOR DEVOTEES OF INUIT ARTWORKS AND CULTUREF-BIO-CD-PUDLAT, PUDLOReview of two exhibitions in Winnipeg; the 6th edition of lithographs from Cape Dorset (1981) shown at the Fleet Gallery, and Pangnirtung tapestries at the Upstairs Gallery.
Canadian Arctic ProducersGEORGE ARLUKSculpture1980NB247 B32 A74 C26Exhibition brochure. 2 page biography. 14 p. 12 b&w ill.
Cutler, MauricePERHAPS WE COULD HAVE DONE BETTER.F-ART(INUIT)Based on interviews with Alma Houston.
Gray, Philip HowardA DIRECTORY OF ESKIMO ARTISTS IN SCULPTURE AND PRINTS.N33 I57 G72Brief biographical facts on 500 Eskimo artists; index by Disc Numbers. Includes bibliographical references. [264] p.
Bell, BettyREFLECTIONS ON INUIT ART.PERIODICALSAnother copy in F-Art (Inuit)-General
Walker, KathleenFASCINATING INUIT PRINTSF-BIO-BL-ANGUHADLUQ, LUKEReview of the exhibition of selections from the 1977 Baker Lake print collection on display at the Robertson Galleries.
Winnipeg Art GalleryCAPE DORSET.1979NB247 C36 W55 1979Exhibition catalogue: 76 sculptures. Essays by James Houston, Alma Houston, Dorothy H. Eber, Terrence P. Ryan, Kananginak Pootoogook and Jean Blodgett. Selected bibliogrphy. 114 p. 76 b&w ill.
Houston, James A.MY FRIEND ANGOTIAWAK.F-AUTHORS-HOUSTON, JAMESArticle on the creative process as evidenced by an artist from Ennadi Lake, and his increasing skill with paper and pencil. 2 ill.
Barz, Sandra B.ART OF THE ESKIMOSWorld Wildlife Fund CollectionPERIODICALS
Canadian Arctic ProducersADA EYETOAQRecent Sculpture = sculpture recente1979NB247 B32 E93 1979Exhibition brochure. Contains biographical information. 14 p. 13 b&w ill.
York University. Art GalleryESKIMO CARVINGS AND PRINTS FROM THE COLLECTION OF YORK UNIVERSITY.1971N6504 I57 Y67Listing of 157 sculptures, prints and artifacts. Essay by Michael Greenwood. 16 p. ill.
Canadian Arctic ProducersMARIE KUUNNUAQRecent Sculpture1980NB247 B32 K88 C26 1980Exhibition brochure. 1 page biography. 14 p. 13 b&w ill.
Mitchell, MarybelleREMEMBERING.PeriodicalsReport of the workshop on traditional crafts, held for women from villages along the Eastern coast of Hudson's Bay in Great Whale River. See also F-Mitchell, Marybelle.
LABRADOR CRAFT PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION-A BRIEF HISTORYPERIODICALSDescription of the work of the Labrador Craft Producers Association (LCPA).
Smolyak, A. V.THE CLOTHING, CRAFTS AND APPLIED ARTS OF SOVIET NATIVE PEOPLEPERIODICALSArts and crafts in the Soviet North and Far East. 22 b&w ill., including clothing, rugs, artists.
Burgess, HelenL'ART ESQUIMAU D'HOLMAN.1973F-Holman-PrintsReprint in French of the article, "Eskimo Art from Holman". North, vol. 13, no. 3, May-June, 1966. pp.12-16.
Klein, Cecelia F.ESKIMO ART : A REVIEW ESSAY1981F AUTHORS - EBER, DOROTHYA book review essay of Eskimo Art: Tradition and Innovation in North Alaska by - Dorothy Jean Ray and Pitseolak: Pictures Out of My Life - edited by Dorothy Eber. 5 p.
Roberts, A. BarryTHE INUIT ARTISTS OF SUGLUK, P.Q.1976NB247 S24 R62Historical essay on the community of Sugluk (Salluit); biographical notes on artists. Contains list of inhabitants with disk numbers, recommended bibliography. 72 p. b&w ill., artist photographs, map.

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