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First Name: Karoo

Last Name: Ashevak

Community: Talurjuaq

Sex: M

Disc Number: E4196

Date born: 00/00/1940


Karoo Ashevak (also known as Mungnelli) was born in 1940 in the Kitimeot, central Arctic region, of what is now known as Nunavut.1 He resided in the community of Taloyoak, near Spence Bay. He died with his family in a house fire on October 19th 1974, at age 34.

Spending his early years living the nomadic Inuit hunting lifestyle Karoo adhered to traditional beliefs.2 He moved to Taloyoak in 1968 with his wife Doris.3 His carving career also began in 1968 through a government sponsored arts and crafts program.4

Karoo's work is synonymous with whalebone. His choice may have begun due to a scarcity of other potential materials for sculpture in the community at that time or it may have resulted from a preference for a material that is light in comparison to stone.5 Old whalebone would remain his medium of choice which he would augment with local materials such as stone, baleen and ivory.6

Whalebone is a sculpting material that needs to be aged for 50 to 100 years before it is ready for carving. Whalebone that is insufficiently aged or dried can smell and shrink after carving.7 During those early years artists of the Taloyoak area would import whalebone into the community by charted plane.8

Karoo is credited with contributing to what is now known as the "expressionistic style" of the Kitikmeot area with his "distortion of features" in figures, and his creative approach to whalebone.9 The disturbing and whimsical subject matter of his artwork often referred to the spirit world he learned about as a child.10 Through his "direct and powerful" approach to his sculptures as well as by his great technical skill and "lively imagination" Karoo conveyed his love of the Inuit's traditional lifestyle which he expressed with great technical skill and a "lively imagination".11,12,13 His "love of gadgets" also found their way into his artwork.14

Receiving acknowledgement late in his artistic life Ashevak is now seen as a prominent artist in Canadian Inuit art and has left behind a legacy of approximately 250 sculptures that are still eagerly collected.15 His first exhibition was in 1972 at the Av Isaacs gallery in Toronto. It was his second exhibition, however, in the following year at New York's American Indian Center that transformed him into both a "local hero" and an internationally renowned artist.16

Karoo is still remembered for his "legendary personality," "great curiosity and a great love of life".17,18 Aspects of his style continue to live on in the work of new generations of artists.19

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Alternative Names:
• Ashevak Ashevak
• Karoo Ashevak
• Mungnelli Ashevak

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