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Polar Studies / History

Alaska and Polar Regions Collections
The Alaska and Polar Regions (APR) Department acquires, preserves and provides access to materials that document the past and present of Alaska and the polar regions, both Arctic and Antarctic. Geographically the Arctic includes northern Canada, Greenland, northern Scandinavia, Iceland, and northern Russia (Siberia and the Russian Far East).

Alaska State Museum
Carries out research on, and collects/displays materials relating to, the people and history of Alaska. Sizable collections relating to Alaskan Inuit as well as smaller Aleut and Athabaskan groups.

American Museum & Natural History
Contains collections on polar marine and terrestrial animal life. Additionally, has artifacts relating to nothern cultures and the polar aviator Ellsworth Lincoln.

On three occasions over the past 125 years scientists from around the world banded together to organize concentrated scientific and exploring programs in the polar regions. In each major thrust, or "year," scientific knowledge and geographical exploration were advanced, thereby extending understanding of many geophysical phenomena that influence nature's global systems. Each polar year was a hallmark of international cooperation in science. The experience gained by scientists and governments in international cooperation set the stage for other international scientific collaboration. International scientific cooperation also paved the way for several political accords that gained their momentum from the polar years. IPY 2007-2008 will expand upon this legacy of scientific achievement and societal benefits.

The British Museum
Museum's extensive Arctic collection includes material obtained during the voyages of various explorers. More recently acquired material relates to Alaska and Nunavut.

Canada in the Making
Canada in the Making project is about the history of Canada through the words of the men and women who shaped the nation. Built around the Government Documents collection of the Early Canadiana Online collection, it integrates narrative text with links to primary source texts.

Canadian Museum of Civilisation (CMC)
Canada's largest and most popular cultural institution with collections on Canadian and world art and culture – including Inuit culture and Inuit art. is the online presence of the CMC with pages dedicated to Inuit art and culture.

Canadian Museum of Nature
The museum has: Arctic collections, dioramas of Arctic and sub-Arctic species, and an Arctic aquarium. It also has a display called 'Arctic Odyssey' which looks at the Arctic through the eyes of Inuit and scientists.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Extensive ethnographic and natural history holdings obtained by over 50 Arctic and several Antarctic expeditions.

Center for Contemporary Canadian Art
Provides information on select Canadian professional artists and art writers. Links to other Canadian art sites with numerous images of Inuit Art.

Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art – Inuit Artists
Provides images of, and information on, Inuit artists and communities as well as their legends and stories.

Danish National Museum
Possesses possibly the world's largest collection of Eskimo artifacts. Also has large collections on Saami- and Siberian-related artifacts and for Medieval Norse settlement in Greenland.

Dennos Museum Center
The works in the Dennos Museum Center's Power Family Inuit Gallery present a survey of Inuit stonecut, stencil and lithograph prints, tapestries, sculptures and artifacts from the late 50s to the present.

The Eskimo Museum in Churchill
Manitoba is dedicated to advancing knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Northern culture and history with an emphasis on the Canadian Inuit.

The Field Museum
Large collections with subject matter focued on the North and particularly Alaska with artifacts from the Port Clarence and Kotzebue Sound areas between 1892 and 1897. Other important collections are based on the findings of: Nordenskiold (Port Clarence, 1880) and Peary (Northwest Greenland, 1891-92).

Heard Museum – Native Cultures & Arts
Known for its collection of First Nations art work. The museum is also the home of the Albrecht Nothern Native Art collection with it numerous examples of Inuit art.

Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)
For more than thirty years the Institute's museum has supported the work of Native artists. It is the "only Museum in the United States that is devoted solely to the exhibition of contemporary American Indian art forms."

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Contains Canada's oldest art library and "imposing" collections which include Canadian and Inuit art.

MUSEE d'ethnographie, Geneve, Switzerland
Extensive collections of Caribou Inuit (Keewatin) artifacts.

Museum of the Aleutians
Museum's mission is to preserve and share the human history of Unalaska and the Aleutian Island region. Collections include archaeological, ethnological and archival materials.

MuseumLink's Museum of Museums
MuseumLink's Museum of Museums will eventually contain links to every museum on the planet, from the world's largest to the most obscure.

Museums Alaska
Museums Alaska is the statewide museum association of individuals and institutions.

National Gallery of Canada (NGC)
Contains fine art from around the world including: Canadian, First Nations and Inuit art. is the NGC's art education web site that enables users to see images from the permanent collection and do art-related research.

Peabody Essex Museum
Displays art and artifacts from various cultures including materials from Alaska, Canada, Greenlans and whaling-related items.

Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum
Includes displays of artifacts and photographs associated with the Arctic explorers Robert E. Peary and Donald B. MacMillan. The Arctic Studies Center, established 1985, seeks to link the resources of the museum and library with teaching and research, and to house travelling exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and educational outreach efforts.

Polar Museums directory

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
The Centre's web site has various Arctic- and Nother-oriented databases that can be accessed online.

Royal Institute of Navigation

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
The ROM's focus is on world cultures and natural history. The museum's web site gives the user virtual tours and videos as well as access to the ROM's collections.

The Russian State Museum of Arctic and Antarctic

The Greenland National Museum & ArchivesGreenland National Museum and Archives. The institution is the central institution for research- and documentation of the Greenland cultural history.

Treasures Of The Oldest Museum In Siberia

University of Alaska – Museum of the North
Extensive collections and displays for the natural and cultural history of Alaska. The primary State repository for natural history.

University of Cambridge – Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology
Sizeable collection with Greenland and Canada well-represented.

Virtual Museum of Canada

Winnipeg Art Gallery