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i u a pi pu pa ti tu ta ki ku ka gi gu ga mi mu ma ni nu na si su sa li lu la ji ju ja vi vu va ri ru ra qi qu qa ngi ngu nga lhi lhu lha

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A revival of Indigenous throat singing

BBC Travel | April 15, 2021

Categories: news

Shina Novalinga and her mother, Caroline, have been sharing videos of Inuit throat singing to TikTok, a popular social media platform, since the first wave of the pandemic in March 2020. Historically, throat singing began as a way for Inuit women to pass the time while they prepared clothing and food. In the 20th century, colonists and missionaries were responsible for the tradition being at risk of extinction. In 2014, throat singing was given cultural heritage status in Quebec, and singers such as Shina, Tanya Tagaq, and others are propelling its popularization and resurgence. Shina says that, "we want to show people that throat singing exists and we want to make sure that it stays for as long as we can." 

Learn more about Shina and Caroline's work to revive throat singing here:

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